L’integrale – Blonde

Style: premium
Fermentation: bottom-fermented
Colour: intense yellow
Appearance: cloudy, because unfiltered; with a creamy and velvety foam
Body: round and sweet
Alcohol Content by Volume: 5,5%
Serving temperature: 5-6°C
33 cl.
75 cl.
Keg size
30 l. one-way keg
Aroma: fresh yeast, sweet malt, pleasant floral notes
Flavour long-lasting yeast tones and a light agreeable malty taste
Consumption occasion: convivial moments with your friends, alone or with food pairings

Zago L’Integrale is a beer made using 100% barley malt. It is integral because unfiltered, unpasteurized and it is brewed following the Beer Purity Law of 1516. Round and unfiltered.