NUT Birra Divina – Blonde

Style: craft made Ale, double malt, multicereals
Fermentation: top, with natural re-fermentation in bottle
Colour: yellow honey
Alcohol Content by Volume: 6,5%
Serving temperature: 5-6°C
75 cl.
Label: t represents the Egyptian divinity Nut, protector of the sky in its night trip, while she captures the god of sun Ra, after the sunset, in order to give him birth again at dawn

NUT is a balanced and captivating beer, produced with four different cereals following an ancient recipe discovered by a Cistercian monk. It’s a Belgian, craft and not pasteurized beer. Impossible to forget due to its fruity scents and the uncountable tastes that hit the palate. Perfect to drink as aperitif but also with dishes.