Zago in Friuli since 1978.Beer produced with raw materials of our land.

Zago Birrificio is an Italian agricultural company that grows its raw materials in Friuli Venezia Giulia to produce a high-quality beer. The agricultural brewery stands out from the artisan one as we follow the entire production chain: from the barley and hop cultivation in our land in Taiedo ’till the very production in our plant, located in Villotta di Chions (Pordenone).

In this area water, the main beer ingredient, is particularly pure and possesses values that make it perfect for brewing.

The idea of creating our agricultural beers was born more than six years ago, when we began to grow the barley couplet and five varieties of hops in our fields. The aim was to create a dimension that would allow us to malt our raw material.

Today our line consists of twelve references, all top fermentation beers, whose maximum alcohol content does not exceed 8 degrees.