From 1978 Zago Living Beer Passion.A Passion for living beers.

Zago is a 40 years old family owned company located in the north east of Italy, in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, halfway between Venice and Trieste. These territories, rich in hospitality and in gastronomic culture, inspired the Zago founder, Mario Chiaradia, and led him to create artisanal and, in one-word, unique beers, as an alternative to wine.


In 1978 Mario Chiaradia began to cooperate with Belgian monks, producers of abbey beers. They created a brand new gentle recipe. That was the first refermented bottled beer in the Italian market.

Zago let Italians know refermented bottled beer.

Zago has built up a movement of Belgian refermented beer passionate during the years.


ZAGO’s debut with own-recipe and own-brand products took place/occured in 1995 with The Original HΨ, the first champenoise method beer, and it was a huge hit: the first beer of a long series of malt Cuvée. That’s how we love to call Zago’s beers. This was joined, with the new millennium, by Hy Cuvée and Nut. The design of our bottles decorated with high quality serigraphy represents Egyptian divinities. It was our personal decision to dedicate our beers to the first people who invented brewing and beer.


In the following years, while remaining faithful to the concept of craft not pasteurized beer and using passion and commitment in every stage of the production process, we’ve created other products, following the traditional methods contained in the “Reinheistgebot”, the Beer Purity Law, dating from 1516.
We’ve created living beers because we believe that the common denominator between a product and its client is evolution.
Our desire is that our customers perceive in each Zago product all the values that differentiate and distinguish Zago, and for which we commit every day: seriousness, quality and constancy.
It’s been fourty years since Zago offers high quality craft beers, a wide range of styles and gravities that fulfil every taste, even the more sought. ZAGO’S beers are perfect to drink in goblet with food, as an ingredient of the recipe, but they are also very good for the after dinner, with desserts or just as a meditation beers.

Our goal

The company’s aim has always been to satisfy consumers from demanding palates, offering them a real alternative to wine both at the aperitif and at the table.


Zago is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 in 2005.