La Luppolata – Amber

Style: India Pale Ale
Fermentation: top-fermented
Colour: light amber
Appearance: fine-grained, rich and creamy foam
Body:round and hoppy
Alcohol Content by Volume: 5,7%
Serving temperature: 5-6°C
33 cl.
75 cl.
Keg size
30 l. one-way keg
Aroma: citrus notes
Flavour: sweet and hoppy long-lasting tones
Consumption occasion: convivial moments with your friends, alone or with food pairings

Zago La Luppolata is a beer made using 100% barely malt and it is brewed following the Beer Purity Law of 1516 and the IPA style. Golden IPA, pleasantly happy.


IPA or India Pale Ale is a beer style within the category of Ale, term used to identify top-fermented beers. This style has gained a wide success during the last years since it is spreading a new trend in quality beer drinking culture.  IPAs are native of Great Britain and they have a prominent hop aroma and a great alcoholic strength. The flavor is intense with herby and fruity notes, a body of medium intensity, but with a sweet and marked bitterness that comes from the malts used in English beer styles. The distinguishing notes originate from the historical need to transport beer from England to India. After the first unsuccessful voyages, where beers perished during the long cruises, English Master Brewers decided to increase conservative capacity for export beer. They thus increased hops for its medical and preservative characteristics and the alcoholic strength. In this way beer was able to survive long voyages on ship.
The first known use of India Pale Ale comes from the Liverpool Mercury Newspaper published in January 1835. Today worldwide Master Brewers know how to use this style.