HΨ CUVÈE – Amber

Method: Champenoise
Style: extra strong, double malt with selected “living” yeast
Fermentation: top with natural re-fermentation in bottle
Colour: ramato, dovuto all’uso del malto tostato
Alcohol Content by Volume: 11%
Serving temperature: 8-10°C
33 cl.
75 cl.
1,5 l. magnum
Keg size
20l steel kegs
Name: HΨ Cuvée (pronounced ‘ai cuvée’)
Label: it represents the Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris that drink a toast on the best continuation of the joy and conviviality in the 3rd millennium

Hy Cuvée is a amber living beer of pure barely malt, with high natural bottle referementation, craft-brewed with the same method used for the Champagne, following an ancient recipe.