HΨ CUVÈE Colomba

without candied, sourdough, flour, free-range eggs, butter, sugar, HΨ Cuvée
750 g. boxes
We suggest to taste the Colomba at room temperature, serving each slice with a spoon of HY Cuvée jelly beer upon it and a goblet of the same Beer.
Note: Hy Cuvée Jelly beer is a restriction of the pure beer, with only sugar and natural pectin.

Zago produced the first beer Colomba, by adding the Hy Cuvée red beer in the dough. This red beer is produced by Zago itself with the Champenoise method. Without candied, it is craft made only with high quality ingredients, such as the best Italian almonds, first for excellence and calibre, the sourdough daily hand wrought, free-range eggs, flour, fresh butter and HY Cuvée. The yeast used in this cake is called “Sourdough” and it’s prepared with natural leavens. Zago’s secret to obtain this very soft and genuine-taste pastry is to put HY Cuvée beer in it, along with a traditional and long production process, made of repeated dough and a long rising.